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Elias DisneyWalt and Roy Disney's father and a man of spirit true, believed in a dream... the dream of O-Zell, a pure, all-natural carbonated beverage that would satisfy the fiercest thirst and lead us from the wicked temptation of hooch.

Beginning in 1912, Elias threw his heart and soul (and no small amount of cabbage) into the O-Zell dream, with misfortune and woe his only reward.

Today, Elias' century-old dream is fulfilled at last! The O-Zell Soda Company is humbled to offer you, dearest friend, our scrumptious Vanilla Dream and Blue Ribbon Root Beer, both made with Hawaiian cane sugar and 100% all natural ingredients, for your delectation and delight!

And all proceeds go to restoring and preserving Walt Disney's Birthplace home in Chicago, IL!

For more information about O-Zell Soda, Click HERE.


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Episode 8 of Coffee with Kurtti features Keith and Jeff reflecting on their in-person recording failure, how fun the Pacific Northwest Mouse Meet was, the Saving Mr. Banks trailer, and a little-known Disney employee periodical Jeff worked on called WD Eye.

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Jeff (formerly of Walt Disney Imagineering) and Keith set out to fix all of Disneyland's woes in their first attempt at "armchair imagineering." In this episode the two focus on the problems with Tomorrowland, and offer up what they think would work in the much-maligned land.

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Last time on Coffee with Kurtti Jeff talked about his book The Art of Disneyland. This time he picks up right where he left off, and tells us what obstacles he faced when putting together the follow-up, The Art of Walt Disney World.

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Episode 5 of Coffee with Kurtti features Jeff talking about what has become one of his most beloved books, The Art of Disneyland. A few fans of the book had been tweeting about it lately, so I figured it would be a good time to poke him for a few stories about it.

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Disneyland! Changes! Starbucks! Jeff and I reminisce about the old days of Disneyland from our earliest memories, talk about Disneyland before our time, how it is now, and how we view changes like the Starbucks invasion.

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In episode 3 of Coffee with Kurtti, I hit Jeff with a bombshell: “Roger Rabbit is just as good as, if not better than, Mary Poppins.” Jeff, incredulous, fires back in defense of his beloved Poppins. But, do I really believe that? If so, am I right, or wrong?

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Keith and Jeff pick up where they left off from episode 1. This time they talk about the strained relationship Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers had with Disney, and how the Sherman Brothers became The Boys.

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In the inaugural episode, Keith and Jeff Kurtti discuss Jeff's history with the Disney Company, actors who have potrayed Walt before Tom Hanks, and the upcoming film Saving Mr. Banks.

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